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SAP Client Creation (SCC4) & Logical system (BD54) in SAP

SAP Client Creation (SCC4) & Logical system (BD54) in SAPStep1 : - Create Logical system for new clientWhat is logical System in SAP ?Logical system enables the system to recognize the target system as RFC (Remote Function Call) destination. Logical system is required for communication between systems within the landscape. You need a logical system when you create a new client in SAP.T-Code to create Logical System in SAP isBD54Logical System is transportable.How to create Logical System in SAP ?1. Run transaction code BD54. Click on pencil iconto covert from display to change view. Then, click on New Entries.2. Use the following naming convention for the logical system names, <System ID>CLNT<Client>. Save your entries, which are included in a transport request. Create the

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What is SAP R3 Architecture ?

What is SAP R3 Architecture ?What is SAP R3 ArchitectureSAP R/3 is one of the main product of SAP,where R stands for RealTime and the number 3 relates to three tier application architecture(Data base,Application Server and Client).Most of the business in todays world runs on SAP R/3 system.About 80% of the companies implemented this software.SAP R/3 ArchitectureSAP based architecture of R/3 on a three-tier client/server model.Presentation ServerApplication ServerDatabase ServerWhat is SAP R3 Architecture  ?  CLICK HERE TO MORE DETAILS

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SAP Architecture

Introduction To R/3 client-server technologyR/3 client-server technology :-SAP R/3 uses three-tier architecture.R signifies Real-time system3 represents -  3-tier architecture.User's PC:-  Users can access SAP system in two ways:-Through SAP GUIThrough Web browserIt's called front-end. Only the front-end is installed in the user's PC not the application/database servers.Front-end takes the user's requests to database server and application servers.Application Servers:-  Application server is built to process business-logic. This workload is distributed among multiple application servers.With multiple application servers user can get the output more quickly.Application server exists at a remote location as compared to location of the user PC.Database Server:-Database server s

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