Kuwait Bus Route PACI to Jaleeb – 99 BusRoute

Kuwait Bus Route Number :  99

From PACI Office (Civil ID Office) To Jaleeb

Via : 

Description :  
This bus route will start from Airport to Jaleeb .

( From )

Jaleeb Co-Operative Society, Abbassiya, German Clinic, Jaleeb Round About, Hassawi, Rabya, Ardiya Industrial Area, National Guard HQ, Toyota Spare, Canada Dry street, Al Watan, Lulu, Friday Market, Farwaniyah Fire Station, Farwaniyah Co-Operative Society, Holiday Inn, Khaitan, Al Zahra, South Surra, Civil ID Office (PACI Office).

(To) .

خط رقم 99 يبدأ من الجليب و ينتهي في الهيئة العامة للمعلومات المدنية، يمر بعدة أماكن من ضمنها خيطان، سوق لندن، مخفر جليب و غيرها

Route no.99 starts at Jaleeb and ends atPACI, passing through several places like Khaitan, Souq London, Jleeb Police Station.

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