Transport Management System in SAP

Transport Management System in SAP
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Transport Management System in SAP

 SAP Transport Management System – Configurations will store through objects stored in Transport Request and it is a kind of number with the format of (<SID>K<Number>).  

We can use TMS for copying / moving configurations to other systems in the same landscape (example to QAS, to PRD (from DEV) ) 

3 Systems Landscape 

Development  (DEV)

Quality (QAS) 
Production (PRD)

In this scenario  we will create Request in Development System, We will Test in Quality System and Move/import to Production System. 

Domain Controller is Development (DEV) 

Transport Route and Path to QAS and PRD. 

Shared file path :-

Control Files path :-


Transaction Codes for Transport Management System 

STMS – Transport Management  

SE01 – To view the list of Transport Requests 
SE06 – Post Installation 
SE09 – Create Transport Requests 
SE10 – View Transport Requests 
SCC1 – Import Transport request (from another system, eg., QAS)

Transport standard format is as : 

<SID>K<Number>   { Not modifiable by system administrators }

SID – System ID

K – Is fixed keyword/alphabet

Number – can be anything from a range starting with 900001


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